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September 7, 2012

Home Safety Tips for Seniors

*You should consider having a professional install/perform these Long Term Considerations.


Free/Low-Cost Home Improvements
1. Set the hot-water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce energy costs and prevent scalding.
2. Mark cold and hot faucets clearly.
3. Leave a light on in your bathroom at night.
4. Use a rubber-suction bath mat or anti-slip floor strips or decals in the tub or shower.
5. Increase contrast: Avoid low contrasting items. Adding contrast is as simple as a blue tub mat in a white bathtub or painting the edge of the steps a contrasting color from the rest of the step surface.
6. Install a handheld adjustable showerhead for easier bathing.
7. Install user-friendly lever handle faucets in your sinks and in tubs or showers. Some faucets even
8. Skid-proof the tub and make sure the bath mat has a non-slip bottom.

Long Term Considerations*

1. Install a raised height toilet or sink/vanity.
2. Place a sturdy bathtub or shower seat in the tub and/or shower.
3. Mount grab bars next to the toilet and bathtub and in the shower for help getting up or down.


Free/Low-Cost Home Improvements
1. Keep floors clean and uncluttered.
2. Illuminate work areas.
3. Mark “on” and “off” positions on appliances clearly and with bright colors.
4. Store heavier objects at waist level.
5. Place or mount an A-B-C rated, all-purpose fire extinguisher in an easily accessible location near the stove and oven so that you’re prepared for any type of kitchen fire.
6. Store sharp knives in a rack.

Long Term Considerations*

1. Replace knobs on cabinets and drawers with easy-to-grip, D-shaped handles.
2. Install offset hinges on all doors to add two inches of width for wheelchair access, if needed.
3. Install a security peephole on exterior doors at the correct height for you.
4. Install outdoor floodlights that switch on by motion sensors to light your way and to deter burglars.


Free/Low-Cost Home Improvements
1. Open blinds and curtains and raise shades during daylight hours to increase natural light inside the home.
2. Place exposed electrical, telephone and computer cords along a wall where people won’t trip over them.
3. Remove all cords from under furniture or carpeting to lessen the risk of fire.
4. Remove clutter from stairways and passageways to help prevent trips and falls.
5. Check the carpeting on your stairs to be sure it is firmly attached.
6. Arrange furniture to allow for easy passage.
7. Create an emergency exit plan in case of a fire.
8. Remove debris from outdoor walkways.
9. Trim shrubbery to provide a clear view from doors and windows.
10. Increase light and decrease glare by using the highest-watt light bulbs or compact-fluorescent bulbs appropriate for your light fixtures or lamps. Use only non-glare incandescent bulbs (or the fluorescent equivalents).
11. Put nightlights in the bathroom and in hallways leading from the bedroom to the bathroom.
12. Keep a smoke detector on every floor and in each bedroom.
13. Make sure that all staircases have good lighting with switches at top and bottom.
14. Replace traditional light switches with easy-to-use, rocker-style light switches.
15. Install smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors on all levels of the house, especially where the bedrooms are.

Long Term Considerations*
1. Install railings on stairs, including basement stairs, and consider railings on both sides of the steps for an extra stability option.
2. Have a professional home evaluation to match your individual needs and habits.
3. Install a shelf at the main entrance door to hold items when locking and unlocking the door and install bigger, lever handles.

August 7, 2012

Home Contractor Horror Stories (and how you can avoid them)

Sometimes real life is scarier than the movies… like when you are looking for a Home Remodel Contractor in Lancaster, PA, but have no idea who to call. All we hear are stories, like the ones below, about contractors ripping people off and walking off with sometimes 6 figures of hard earned money. Some reports say upwards of $2 Billion a year is taking from people in Contractor Fraud. And that doesn’t include the ones that perform shoddy work that needs to be redone by a professional remodeler within a few months… or the value of the home will significantly drop.

Our tips: Do your research! Ask for references and registration info and check for ratings online. Throw price aside, you get what you pay for – select the remodeler who you feel comfortable working with. They will be in your home day after day.


NC Home Contractor Accused of Fraud:

Home Improvement Scams: Unlicensed Contractors:

This woman was ripped off so bad, she started her own bootcamp to help people avoid a similar nightmare:



Excerpt from “A Contractor Horror Story? Join the Crowd” from

ALL she wanted was a nice fence around her backyard. Danielle O’Connell was planning a 2-year-old birthday party for her daughter at the family’s Elmsford home and wanted the 18 toddlers safely fenced in.

Mrs. O’Connell and her husband got several estimates but were discouraged by the cost and how long it would take to finish. All the contractors who bid told them the fence would cost at least $5,000 and take four to six weeks to put up.

Then the O’Connells got lucky — at least they thought they did. The couple found a contractor in the Yellow Pages who promised to build the fence for $2,000 and to do it in a week. “We were like, ‘Thank God we found this guy,’ ” Mrs. O’Connell said. “We’re thinking, ‘This is fantastic — those other people were going to rip us off.’ ”

There was a rip-off involved, of course, but it was by the low bidder, not the other contractors. After pressuring Mrs. O’Connell to give him a $1,000 deposit for construction material quickly, he disappeared. He never showed up to build the fence, nor did he answer the phone calls Mrs. O’Connell made as the weeks dragged on.

The O’Connells later found out that he is suspected of bilking at least 11 others out of their money, too.
Excerpt from “Learn from Other People’s Contractor Horror Stories” from

Jason Brooks is another former customer of Carlton’s.

Brooks paid him $50,000 to build an addition for his in-laws.

As he walks around the half-finished project, he points out different areas where there are problems. Much of Carlton did, Brooks tells NewsChannel 5 Investigates, failed inspection. And then, he says, Carlton vanished and wouldn’t return calls.

“He’s turned what was supposed to be a dream project into a complete nightmare,” Brooks shares.

But perhaps what is most surprising is that Carlton knows what he’s doing is wrong.

Our investigation found that he’s been arrested repeatedly for working as a contractor without a professional license. We also found that he’s ignored repeated orders by the state to stop working until he gets a license.

And, get this. He’s even used someone else’s license, claiming it was his.

Jason Brooks believes, “He doesn’t care. That’s the thing. He doesn’t care about this. He doesn’t respect the law.”

Gene Spitzer adds, “We just thought cause he was a minister, he would be a decent human being.”

Tips on choosing the RIGHT home remodeling contractor:

Tips from the BBB: Hiring a Contractor – Do you know the Red Flags?:

PA State Rep Joseph Preston, Jr: “Check for Home Contractor Registration”:


When it’s time for your Lancaster County, PA renovations – Trust MBC:

May 14, 2012

The best value in Lancaster County, PA Home Remodeling.

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Not all Lancaster County, PA remodeling contractors are the same. We feel we are the best value in the area, and here is why.

MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC Customer Commitments:

1. You will NOT be sold. We are consulting with you on your family’s project. We will discuss specific options and ideas with you, and not things that you don’t need or want.

2. You will know EXACTLY what is included and will be performed in our proposal price, with no hidden fees or fluctuating estimates. This includes a payment plan, which will not require, as by PA law, more than 1/3 down payment.

3. You will know EXACTLY who will be here and what they will be doing. EVERYDAY.

4. We offer a 5-year Warranty (vs. the industry average of 1 year) so you know that no matter what may happen, we will ALWAYS be here to take care of it for you, promptly and professionally.

5. When we are on your project, we are here to work. No excessive breaks, no goofing around. From 7am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday we will be focused on creating your DREAM HOME.

6. Your family and your home will be treated as if it was our very own, with respect, care and courtesy.

When it’s time for a new sunroom, a home addition, bathroom, kitchen, deck or basement renovation, give us a call!

Thank you!


Matt & Mike Blank

Matt & Mike Blank
MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC
[717] 371.5136

July 29, 2011

To Move, or to Remodel, that is the question.

At least that is the question a lot of homeowners we meet with ponder: Should I move to a new home, or remodel the home my family is in now? Well, since we at MBC do remodeling in Lancaster County, PA, you should definitely remodel… JUST KIDDING!

With our housing market still down, you don’t want to rush into any decisions involving your largest asset. Does your family like the area and how long do you plan on staying in the home? You want to consider not only what your family will gain from your choice, but also the financial investment you stand to gain down the road. Your family’s well-being and overall happiness should always be at the heart of your decisions.

If your spouse, the kids and yourself love the neighbors and neighborhood, their school and your distance from work, changing the layout or adding space to your home by remodeling is probably a better choice. You will improve your enjoyment of your own home without losing your perfect location.

How long do you plan on staying? The investment in remodeling your home could take 5-10 years to fully appreciate in value, depending on what type of project you are planning. Spending $10,000 on remodeling will not add $10,000 to your homes value. There is no set percentage of gain from project to project or location to location. Kitchens and baths are always the best investments because people spend a lot of time there. Keep in mind you could always break down large projects into smaller sections, or lessen the scope, such as a kitchen re-facing versus a complete remodel.

Also, keep in mind that if your home is already the nicest in the neighborhood, putting on a room addition or renovating the kitchen will really not add much value to the home, only to your enjoyment of it. Now, if you are in a less valuable home, you can remodel to be average or above average with the other homes in the area. One example would be adding another bathroom if you currently have 2 but the others in the neighborhood have 3 to 4.

You must find a balance between Enjoyment & Investment Return to help steer your decision. Talk with an experienced contractor and real estate agent to get opinions and figures on the actual costs you are looking at. Take a look at this list Pro’s and Con’s to consider when you are thinking of remodeling or selling your home:

• You will see at least some return on your remodeling investment when you go to sell your home.
• More functional home, plus you will increase everyone’s enjoyment of it.
• Makes your home fit your family’s lifestyle better.
• Stay in neighborhood/school district you like,

• Certain projects pay off more than others.
• Don’t upgrade beyond what your neighborhood is worth – a $500,000 home in a $200,000 area won’t return the cost of remodeling. If your home is already the biggest and nicest around, it will not appreciate much more when remodeled.
• Remodeling is an invasive process.
• May take 5+ years to fully increase your home’s value.

• The layout you are looking for is already there with no time or work to be done.
• Your budget is the only limit on the size, style and area you move to. Depending on lot size, etc, you may not be able to remodel your current home into the dream you envision.

• Real estate fees– real estate commissions, taxes and closing costs; plus minor improvements in new home, furniture & window treatments, movers, etc
• Selling your current house.
• Cost of moving – time, money and energy spent moving

Free Resources:

Check out these free resources to help guide your decision whether to move, or to remodel.

Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value 2011 report. This site compares the average cost for 35 popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale. Choose your state to display data for one of 9 regions; choose any one of 80 U.S. cities to download a PDF with local data.’s Cost Calculator. Here you’ll find home remodeling and moving cost comparison tools, articles with advice and tips on remodeling and moving and more.

Thank you for reading our blog. When the time comes for your home remodeling project here in Lancaster County, PA, please call MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC at [717] 371.5136.

May 4, 2011

Your Decking Material Options: Pros and Cons

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We have been building wood, composite and solid PVC decks and screened porches here in Lancaster County, PA since 1999. With over 12 years experience I can tell you the decision most families struggle with is what kind of decking material to we choose for their new deck.

If initial cost were the only concern, the answer would always be simple: wood. Unfortunately, we must consider many important factors. Along with initial cost, the appearance you are looking for and long-term maintenance time and costs come into play. The types of fasteners used to secure the decking are also important to many homeowners. Please use this guide to help you decided whether pressure-treated wood, composite or PVC/plastic decking is what your dream deck is made of.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Why is the wood pressure treated? According to “Less durable woods, like Southern pine and Western fir, are treated with preservatives. This makes them more resistant to the elements, rot and insects.”

Wood is used for the structural pieces of your deck no matter what you choose for the top. The other types of materials used for the surface are most likely either not strong enough or too expensive (or both) to serve as the frame for your deck.


  • Cheaper option
  • Looks like real wood… ‘cause it is!
  • Easy to work with
  • Mold-resistant
  • Hidden or visible fastener options
  • Usually comes with lifetime warranty


  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Will rot and lose appearance if not maintained
  • Contains chemical preservatives
  • Can splinter


Composite or synthetic decking is a lumber alternative that combines plastic and wood fiber. It is more environmentally friendly than wood, and the popularity of composite brands, such as Trex, has exploded over the past decade in residential deck building.


  • Weather resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Made from recycled materials


  • More expensive than wood
  • Varying appearance issues between brands
  • Not resistant to mold or mildew. Especially shows in places where the deck is under a lot of shade.
  • Tend to sag and bend over time more than wood
  • They don’t last forever. Varying warranty lengths (10 years – lifetime)
  • Can be difficult to work with


Plastic lumber (PVC), including products made by Azek, is a 100% recyclable decking option made from recycled plastics. It is said to need the lowest amount of maintenance of the materials we are discussing.


  • Stain resistant
  • No mold or mildew
  • Scratch resistant
  • Will not rot
  • 100% recyclable


  • More expensive than wood
  • Varying appearance issues between brands
  • Tend to sag and bend over time more than wood
  • They don’t last forever. Varying warranty lengths (10 years – lifetime)
  • Can be difficult to work with

Please comment on your experiences with any of these decking materials. If you are looking for a deck builder in and around Lancaster County, PA, please contact MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC at [717] 371.5136.

February 7, 2011

Top Remodeling Projects for 2011

As the new year is picking up steam, I thought it would be a good time to share my views on the future… the future of home remodeling that is. I present to you the top remodeling trends for 2011.

This year has been challenging for homeowners and remodelers alike. The good news is that although progress is slow, remodelers across Lancaster County, PA say that things are looking up.

Many homeowners are looking to 2011 with a renewed sense of optimism about remodeling their homes. Home prices have stabilized and the economy is moving in a positive direction. Astute remodeling contractors have found ways interesting ways to help homeowners stay within their budget. Many people think that 2011 will the best time we have seen in years to remodel.

The focus will be on creative use of existing space and moderate sized additions. The use of color as a way to define space and bring out architectural features will continue to gain popularity.

Kitchens will be made over to be brighter, open and less formal. Granite and quartz continue to be the countertops of choice, but soapstone is emerging as a unique alternative for an earthier feel in a solid surface countertop.

Many kitchen and bathroom remodels will include cost effective techniques to recycle or renovate features rather than replacing everything.

There has been great interest in renewing fireplaces to create a family centered area. The stacked stone fireplace continues to be a favorite. Creating open floor plans will be one of the leading home improvements this year it seems. Formal spaces in the home will be repurposed by opening up existing walls and creating more usable family centered space. Many people will find that their home can take on a whole new feel and function by reorganizing the seldom used formal living and dining rooms.

Master suites and bathrooms will also be designed around how we live our lives, with less focus on over the top extravagance. By focusing more on function and reasonable scale over flash, home remodels will have the feel and features we want without unsustainable budgets.

Lastly, home energy performance improvements with various types of remodeling projects will continue to grow in popularity due to their positive return on investment. Homeowners are discovering that advances in building science have illustrated that there are numerous cost effective adjustments that can be made to their homes. These adjustments and repairs will improve energy bills and make homes more comfortable at the same time.

When it’s time to think renovations and remodeling in Lancaster County, PA, please think MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC.

December 9, 2010

(our very first!) Project Spotlight

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Well it’s the Lancaster PA Remodeling Tips & Tricks moment you’ve all been waiting for… our very first Project Spotlight blog! And don’t worry, we’ll have plenty more for you in 2011.

THANK YOU to Doug Vogel & his family for letting us spotlight their project, and extra big ups for supplying the pictures and answering all my questions!

Now, sit back, relax, and let’s close our eyes and drift off to Before-the-project land… (hint: make sure you open your eyes again to read the Q&A):

what was your project?
Remodeling our backroom and bathroom. The shower was only a stall, and the bathroom itself was very tiny.

before 1

how long have you lived in the house?
We have been in the house for a little over 6 years.

had you ever done a major remodel before?
No, this was our first one.

how long had you been wanting to do it?
Ever since we moved in.

before 2

why did you decide to do it?
We were trying to sell the house, then I lost my job. So we had to take the house off the market. We then decided we were going to be in this house a little longer so why not have a bathroom we actually liked and could use without bumping into the wall.

before 3

Now, in this During section, I’m hoping to portray a real, honest perspective of the remodeling process. Homeowners who have never done a major project before are often surprised at how ‘routine-changing’ they can be.

how did the process go?
The process went very well.

was it easy choosing the color/flooring/etc or did you consider a lot of options?
For the most part, seemed like Lowe’s was switching items when we were looking for them. So that made it a little difficult.

was the remodeling process more or less difficult than you expected? The remodeling was fine, except for that the floor we wanted had like a 14-day wait on it. Had we known that about the floor we would have had that ordered before it was needed to go in. That held up the remodel.

pros and cons of the remodeling experience?
Pros – new bathroom, large shower/tub downstairs/more room to move around/backroom doesn’t feel cavernous
Cons – having to take a bath for over a month and not a shower

So, is all well that ends well? After:

after 1

after 2

after 3

after 4

how did it turn out?
I thought it turned out great.

are you happy you did it?
Yes. Taking a shower in a stall everyday is slightly better than taking a bath on a daily basis.

how often do you use the room?
It’s a bathroom/laundry room, so just about every day.

do you think you’ll remodel in the future?
Someday, but hopefully not in this house.

is mbc the raddest lancaster county remodeling company on twitter? _X__YES ___ NO

Hope you enjoyed our Project Spotlight. I can’t say THANK YOU enough to Doug & the Vogels for choosing us to do their project, then helping so much with this blog. Please check out Doug’s design company Get Fresh Designs.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodeling project of your own near Lancaster County, PA, please give Mike Blank, CGR CAPS, a call @ (717) 371.5136 to set up a free appointment!

Thank you for reading!

Matt Blank

December 1, 2010

Give Your Child’s Room A Makeover

Parents know that they rarely have the same ideas and opinions as their children, and this is never more evident when it comes to do give their room a new look – you might want one design while your 8-year-old daughter has a completely different concept in mind. Here are a few helpful decorating tips that aim to please the whole family.

First of all, talk to your child and understand his or her vision for the room and incorporate some of those ideas in the design. Keep in mind your daughter or son are the ones living in the room, so even if it is hard for you to do, compromising with them on what they want and what you’ll allow will yield the greatest results for both of you. If you don’t want to get too crazy with painting, use a neutral wall color in the room; add punch and color with accessories and accents.

Here’s a look at some of the hottest trends for children’s bedrooms:

For Both: Functionality is important in a child’s room. Adding items like a desk or table to work on is a great idea. Try and set up cubbies or shelves to store supplies and help keep things in order. Organizational tools like these will help maximize space, which is especially important in smaller rooms. That way, you can (hopefully) keep things off the floor!

As for decoration, educational letters and images capture the imagination. Many online retailers have inspirational and motivational posters, which can help instill focus, drive and passion in your little one’s as the dream big. You can also simplify painting by choosing colors to match the bedspread you have going, to connect the room together without going overboard.

For Girls: It’s all about bright colors for girls, from purple to lime green to the ever-popular pink. Think personalized sweetheart pillows and throws. Adding items that can be personalized are a great way to make your child feel like the room truly is her own special place. If you’re handy with fabric, you could create her very own canopy bed, perfect for your little princess!

Having an area for dolls and reading on the floor, such as a small toy shelf and bean bag chairs, can give your little lady and her friends a nice comfy spot to explore their imaginations!

For Boys: Color wise, boys usually like blues and greens, but talk with him to see what his thoughts are – he may surprise you! Does your little guy love sports? Choose accessories that have his favorite professional logo on them, such as a bedspread or poster. You could also visit a used sporting goods store for various gloves and bats to hang on the wall without breaking the bank.

If your son isn’t a sports nut, you can incorporate any interest into affordable decor that will personalize the room. Consider using a corner for trumpet practice, with a music stand and shelving for books and accessories. By painting some music notes on the wall, you’ll have a brand new music studio! For younger boys, a “Road” rug will give them the perfect spot for playing with all those cars they have.



Are those ‘practical’ ideas too BORING for your kids?!? How about these then? (thank you to CalFinder for the pictures!)

If you have more home remodeling or bedroom design questions in Lancaster County, PA, drop me an e-line (electronic line… get it?): matt[at]

-Matt Blank

November 22, 2010

5 Ways to Ready Your Home (and your enjoyment of it) for Winter

As the famous Christmas carol goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Unfortunately, coupled with the magic of the season, can be harsh winter weather. Freezing temperatures, ice, wind and snow can pose a direct threat to your home. Is your home ready to be your winter retreat? Now is the time to find out!

Here are five popular and sensible ways to get your home ready for the winter:

1. Exterior Home Inspection – Stop issues before they start!

Harsh weather can happen all year long. Was your home exposed to strong windstorms throughout the year? You may have loose or missing shingles, loose gutters and/or shutters. Any mature trees on your property may need trimming to prevent potential damage. It’s a good idea to start with an exterior inspection of your home before the change in the weather. An exterior home inspection will assure your home is safe, secure and protected from the elements.

2. Windows, Doors and Insulation Keep Jack Frost Away!

Could your home benefit from replacement windows or doors? Drafty windows and doors are the primary way heat is lost from your home.
Your attic should also be inspected to assure it is insulated properly. A blanket of insulation may do the trick to cut your heating bill significantly! Also, your home’s plumbing should be inspected to assure it is insulated properly to prevent damage caused by frozen, bursting pipes.

3. Some Lighting to Light up Your Life!

Brighten your home and surroundings with updated lighting. It’s wise to evaluate your space and determine if you need task lighting in the work areas in your home. Perhaps your home needs soft lighting added to the areas your family tends to gather. Consider adding exterior lighting for safety and to emphasize the exterior features of your home. Add to the spirit of your neighborhood and outfit your home with Holiday lighting for all to enjoy.

4. Give Your Home an Interior Face Lift!

Whether it’s adding shutters or replacing siding, it’s sure to add value to your home. If your home has a wooden deck, it may be time to clean, sand and reseal it. Assure your walkways are clear and your driveway is sealed and maintained also.

Once the bad weather hits, it’s time to focus your home improvement plan on the interior of your home. Develop a plan to make the most of the blustery winter days with interior projects.

Does your dream kitchen awaits?! Expand your livable space by getting your basement finished! Refresh the look of your home with a new paint palate… Whatever projects you choose, they will surely bring you enjoyment to carry you through the winter blues.

5. Plan Your Work – Keep Moving Forward!

Sometimes it’s more inviting to stay bundled up on those cold winter days, reading a good book and drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Others, you want to stay on track. By keeping a log of your plans your changes will be ready before the thaw of the Spring! Then, you can focus on any landscaping and outdoor living addition jobs (such as decks, sunrooms and mudrooms) you may want to have completed.

Before you know it, Spring will be here and you’ll only have to worry about opening the windows and letting the fresh air in!

If you have any home remodeling questions in Lancaster County, PA, please give MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC a call at [717] 371[.]5136.

October 18, 2010

Home Improvement Projects Made Easy (Part 2)

In this post we continue our look at making your home improvements a breeze.

19. Refrain from running a time clock. This creates an atmosphere of distrust and may not be effective or a money-saver.
20. Save money by doing minimal tasks on your own, such as clean up and painting.
21. Review the sample materials, especially the paint chips and color swatches prior to the order.
22. Select your colors and finishes before the painter arrives to keep the schedule moving.
23. Have a “go-to-guy.” Pick someone to be the key contact between the
contractor and the family. This will help keep communication clean & clear and avoid confusion.
24. Be specific about where you want electrical outlets located and how many you want. By doing so, the electrical estimate should be more accurate.
25. Demolition should begin only after the new equipment and supplies have arrived. Particularly windows, doors, appliances or any other essential items.
26. To avoid loss, remove any valuables or easily damaged items from the work site.
27. Children and pets in the work zone should be avoided. Alternative arrangements should be made during work time if you are not present.
28. If possible, plan for a vacation or time away during the most disruptive part of the project, such as floor refinishing. This will allow you to come back refreshed for the remainder of the job.
29. If a change is made, be sure to have the new agreement put in writing before the work begins.
30. To prevent dust from the site landing in other areas, seal the entry point with plastic sheeting and blue painter’s tape.
31. Be courteous of your neighbors and inform the work crew where your property lines are located to prevent materials from being placed in the wrong area.
32. Keep your eye on the prize. Although the project will be disruptive, the end result will be worth it.
33. Schedule a final walk through inspection with your contractor. Make a note of any tasks that need completed.
34. Request an Affidavit of Final Release once the job is complete and the final payment is made. This clears you of any liability for third-party claims.

With a careful planning and a knowledgeable contractor, you’re well on your way to an awesome new space!

Click here for Home Improvement Projects Made Easy Part 1.

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