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June 24, 2013

Your Family Room Options

Families are much like “chills”… they’re multiplyin’! Having a common area to spend time with your loved ones, that’s important. We have helped many Lancaster County, PA families realize their dream space.

The first thing you must ask yourself about a family room is – where do we put it? When considering your home, you may wonder where the best spot is. Below we discuss your 3 main options:

Basement – For years, basements have been home to the family room area – a big TV and sound system to watch all the big games and blockbuster movies. You can practically double your livable square footage. Or, as MBC says, make your available space more livable.

Don’t Forget: You will need an egress window or door to the outside for fire escape, or be putting one in, to secure a building permit.

Addition – Family room additions come in many shapes and sizes; in-laws quarters added off the1st floor, build a 2nd story, or a family area above and garage below – you have many options to consider here. Your budget, your homes style and lot space will help determine the best choice for your situation.

Tip: Check our Addition Cost Calculator for some basic pricing ideas.

Lancaster PA Home Addition

Take down an interior wall – is there a pesky wall between the dining and living rooms? We often take down walls to open up space. A header board will need to be installed if any of the walls are load bearing. This will allow you more space to entertain and always be in the same room.

Design tip: light colors & mirrors help open up a room visually.

Home addition, in-laws quarters, basement or taking down walls? MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC can help you figure out is best for your situation! Contact us for a free consultation! Serving Lancaster County, PA, including Manheim, Millersville, Lancaster, Manheim Township, Lititz, Landisville, Lampeter and everywhere in between!

January 12, 2011

Your 4 Home Office Options

Home Offices have never been more popular or practical than right now. They give you access to everything you need to get the job done without the rush hour commute and endless birthday parties. Even larger businesses can benefit. Home offices help save money on location and other overhead costs, as well as travel expenses (read: gas and maintenance costs) incurred with routine driving. And less driving is another great way to go green.

The biggest question is: where do you put it? Here are the 4 major options you have for your home office, as well as some pros and cons to think about before you start lugging your desk, filing cabinets and computer in there!

Bedroom: A spare bedroom can be the most convenient spot to put your office. Usually they offer you less room, but no structural or building work needs done to convert them. Remodeling a bedroom is a DIY (do-it-yourself) paradise; painting, drywall, shelving and electrical upgrades to handle more power may need to be considered. If you are not a DIY kind of person, a contractor can still get this done for you cost-effectively. Just don’t forget – will you need the room in the future? You may have to move your office all over again when the Grandkids start visiting.

Attic: Your attic offers a lot of pros but (possibly) one major con. The con? Being on the 3rd floor is usually not in close proximity to the bathroom, kitchen and other common areas. Though, depending how you work, that could be a plus; the attic will offer you the most secluded workspace. If the attic is big enough you can leave a portion for storage, giving the room multiple uses.

Basement: Your basement has some of the similar issues as the attic, just not always as extreme. You may have the option of adding a bathroom. Otherwise, you might only be 1 flight away. Similar to the attic, if you have the room, you can still leave yourself some storage space. Some cons: You may need to run electric, internet and phone wires to the basement. Anyone that has run wires knows that is sometimes easier said than done. Also keep in mind you may be required to add a Bilco door to be code-compliant when you remodel your basement.

Addition: Home additions are always the most exciting home office projects. An addition allows you to completely customize your workspace. You can add a restroom, or an outside entrance, and since you have the option of going up (2nd story addition) or out (room addition), having a smaller lot shouldn’t hinder you. Of course, this will be the most expensive option. The nicest part of when it’s done? Just set up the desk and you’re ready to go, no painting, flooring or worse… drywall.

When it’s time for your home office in Lancaster County, PA – whether it be by bedroom or attic conversion, basement remodel or home addition… – please give MBC Building & Remodeling, LLC (that’s us!) a call – [717] 371.5136. We offer a 5-year Warranty on all work.

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